What to Know about Kentucky Derby Hats 2017

One element that sets the Kentucky Derby horse race apart from any other race, as well as all other sporting events is the tradition of wearing hats. It started at the first running when men and women were instructed to wear their best attire, which in that day included a hat. Throughout the years, the Derby has been a showplace for the latest fashion trends, with hats becoming the most important component. The Hat Parade remains an integral part if the annual festivities. When selecting Kentucky Derby hats 2017, attendees have a considerable amount of freedom.

Hats can be conservative, outrageous, and everything in between. People are no longer bound by the conventions of the day and can select hats that reflect their style, personality, or favorite era in history. In present day, attire is typically simple and muted to allow the hats to stand out as the most interesting component worn on race day. Those with no previous experience at attending the Kentucky Derby can check out the official website to learn about the tradition, view pictures of hats worn to previous races, and shop the store for ideas.

There are also pages that help people plan the whole trip to the race, held on May 6, 2017. Flights, accommodations, and even related parties and events are included. Local restaurants, area attractions, and a page to place a wager, if desired are also included. Everything required to get there, get tickets, and get excellent views of the race can be found in one place. The only thing that will be left to do is pack clothes and make sure not to forget Kentucky Derby hats 2017.

Those who will be watching the event at home, with friends, or in their favorite sports bar will find a schedule of televised events leading up to the race, the time of the actual race, and follow up programs and commentaries. The Derby is the first jewel of the Triple Crown, so the interest and excitement runs high among racing fans. Mark the calendar to ensure you do not miss out on any part of the event, and wear a hat even if watching at home to feel more involved in the proceedings.