Ultimate Place to Shop

The title says it all. Yes, Mumbai is termed as the perfect place to have entertainment regardless of the language barriers. Hindi and Marathi are the predominant languages, but this is not going to stop anyone who wants to have enjoyment in the city. Since Mumbai houses various groups of people, it is easy to survive there. When it comes to entertainment, the first thing that strikes my mind is shopping malls and tourist attractions!

To one’s amazement, Mumbai is a place to shop extravagantly and at the same time to shop even at the cheapest prices. Fashion Street is an important place for the fashion lovers, wherein almost all new releases can be picked up. Don’t be exhausted, Mumbai has a lot more to offer! There are places like the Crawford market which is especially dedicated to shop pets, fruits, flowers, fish, meat and many more. Fashion garments can be shopped at places like Colaba Causeway and predominantly at the Fashion Street which are situated along the stretches of Azad Maidans. Do you want to know about places to shop for trendy garment still? You can head to Kemps corner and Breach candy for popular and latest garments. For those who want some fun while shopping, you can step in to Chor Bazaar. It is a place dedicated for cheap items and antique pieces ranging from a single penny to a few bucks The Place to Shopping

People used to bargain with the rate until they are satisfied with what they are paying. This will be quite interesting to those who want to see how the bargain takes place. Things like the doors knobs and nuts to silver hookahs can be purchased in this place. A place is particularly dedicated to purchase jewelry. All types of gems, gold, diamonds and platinum are available for one to purchase. Every other choice of a customer will be served at the most affordable place. Mostly these streets are narrow in structure.

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