Essential Tools Every Coach Needs

From T-ball and Little League to professional sports teams, there are essential tools needed by every coach. A whistle is the iconic accessory that indicates exactly who coaches the team. A clipboard, a pen, and a loud voice are also necessary. Laminated sheets with various plays and strategies outlined are helpful to take advantage of the weaknesses of the opposing team.

Practical Items

Towels and water on the sidelines are important so players can wipe off sweat and remain hydrated. No coaches want their players dizzy and overheated. A coach medial bag is crucial for all the scraps, strains, and accidents that can happen during practice or a game. That small metal traditional first aid kit is no longer adequate. Band-aids and an ace bandage alone will not do.

Competition is fierce and players of all ages are encouraged to push themselves to the limit. Community and school teams used to be about fitness and fun. They now tend to be about winning. What that means is injuries are more severe and more frequent. Ice packs, support tape, nasal plugs, and various wraps and splints are required to tend to injuries and keep players in the game.

Major league teams have trainers and sports medicine professionals on-site so coaches do not treat injuries. The majority of clubs, community teams, and business teams rely on the coach to handle minor injuries.

Durable and Waterproof Medical Bags

A lightweight nylon bag with interchangeable pouches and pockets will help keep medical supplies clean and dry, as well as readily accessible. Bags are available in many sizes and styles, all with full-open designs. A zipper in the middle allows bags to open flat for access to supplies on either side. Others have top flaps that open completely, making packing and unpacking supplies fast and easy.

Smaller bags have handles and shoulder straps, while larger ones have wheels for convenience and safety. Some are offered already filled with specific supplies for cost savings. Most bags do not have supplies included, but they can be customized with dividers, pouches, and inner mesh pockets. Every coach or team manager should have a bag with plenty of the latest wraps, sprays, and supports for players.