Best Places To Shop In Chiang Mai

Chiang Mia is a unique and culturally rich city which is situated in northern Thailand. Growing numbers of tourists flock there every year to visit its 300 Buddhist temples, exciting Thai festivals and amazing range of both traditional and modern shopping opportunities. Whether you are looking for an authentic one off market stall or for modern western luxuries, you are sure to find it in Chiang Mai. So where are the best places to shop in Chiang Mai?

Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

Every evening Chiang Mai plays host to an amazing night market that spread out across several blocks of the city. The Phra Sing area buzzes with outdoor food stalls, restaurants, bars, and festival like entertainment until long past midnight. The bazaar is one of the cheapest areas for tourists to shop, and it is the ideal place to pick up a couple of souvenirs

Worarot Market

This busy market is only a short 2 minute walk form the Night Bazaar. This area however, comes alive during the day time. Best traveled on foot, these thriving traditional markets are where locals go to do their daily shopping. You can expect to find lots of authentic Thai fabric, food, clothes, flowers, and ornaments. If you look around for long enough, you can also find many unique stalls selling anything from electronic gadgets to fireworks.

Airport Plaza

This Chiang Mai mall is located near to the airport but not inside it. It houses a fantastic fusion of western and traditional Thai stores. The mall’s air conditioned spaces and wide open walkways are often a relief from other bustling shopping areas of the city. It has an aquarium, large cinema, and many restaurants and other eateries.

In its authentic Thai shops you will find handicrafts, silks, ornaments and jewelry which you can guarantee are crafted to a high quality. There are also many well known branded stores from around the world selling modern footwear, clothing, and electronic appliances.

Sankampang Road

Sankampang Road features so many handicraft and artifact emporiums that it has been affectionately given the title ‘handicraft highway’. Here you can find craft demonstrations, shops, and even English speaking guides to help you find what you are looking for. It is also the areas cultural centre for Thai silk.

Pantip Plaza

This is another slightly smaller Chiang Mai mall just to the south of the Night Bazaar. It features mostly IT products, electrical goods and many specialist computer shops. Most major brands have their own dedicated stores here and items are sold at very competitive prices. There are also a wide range of stores that sell the component parts to make or upgrade your own machines.

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